Larry Forrest: Larry is the chief cargo inspector aboard Moon Freight 3. He’s also the only cargo inspector. While some might see him as a lazy cynic, he’s really a bright guy crushed by boredom. He’s your average twentysomething who got a bad job out of college that he seems to have gotten stuck in. He fights the boredom by giving authority figures grief, watching TV, and finding new and inventive ways to entertain himself.

Bolts: Bolts is Moon Freight 3’s robot technician. He is in charge of maintenance, repairs, and anything on the station that doesn’t fall under the description of “cargo inspection.” Which is pretty much everything. Smart but naďve in an innocent way, Bolts has loads of intelligence but has seen almost none of the solar system outside of Moon Freight 3. But just because he’s not streetwise doesn’t mean he’s a pushover. There’s a lot going on behind those wide eyes of his. He and Larry are best friends, which is good, seeing as they have to spend most of their time together.

Eleanor Norvegicus-Smythe: Eleanor is Larry and Bolts’ stuffy, condescending, upper-class boss, a woman who looks down on everyone she deems as beneath her, which is actually quite a lot of people. She took over running the Moon Freight stations when Larry and Bolts’ previous supervisor, Commander Robert Griffin, was transferred back to a military post. She is also a sentient rat. But all rats are sentient now, thanks to science.

Ben Moon: Ben Moon is captain of the Blue Moon and owner of the Blue Moon Shipping Company. Ben is an easygoing and genuinely nice guy, and he, Larry, and Bolts have become friends. Ben tries to fly to Moon Freight 3 whenever he can, and thus spends more time on the station than most other pilots. Ben is also an animal lover, and is willing to do sometimes-questionable things to protect them.

Hillary Green: Hillary is a public relations agent who met Larry when her ship made an emergency landing on Moon Freight 3. The two struck up a friendship and keep in frequent touch, even though they orbit two separate planets. There is a definite mutual attraction between the two, but so far neither one has acted on it. Time will tell if they do. Hillary is smart, very good at her job, and not afraid to tease her friends or speak her mind when she needs to do so.

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